Freedom on the water

Freedom News, Vol 20, Issue 2

President’s Column

The first edition of Freedom News for this year was despatched just a few days before Australia Day and we had achieved a strike rate of 50% in terms of Tuesday sailing days. Here we are with 10 weeks of the ‘2020 sailing year’ behind us and our strike rate is at 50% in terms of sailing days.

Fate deals a hand to each of us every day of our lives and it’s how we play that hand every day that becomes the narrative for our life. You will read about some of those hands and how they were dealt with in this newsletter and a couple more in the new web site released this week. I hope, like me you are inspired to deal with your own hand with renewed vigour, true commitment, mindfulness and resilience every day.

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Talk to the President

You should have my email address ( and telephone number (0427 026 001) and use them.

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Kevin’s Journey

Kevin Garcia is one of the longest serving SailabilityGC volunteers still at the workface at Hollywell today.

Some 30 years ago with a career well advanced with Telstra, Kevin contracted Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and was forced to retire early on a disability pension.

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InSYnC article 2013-2014

The following page, linked below, is from the summer (2013-2014) edition of Southport Yacht Clubs’ InSYnC magazine.

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Wyn Treasure – a mainstay of Sailability Gold Coast

Twenty years ago, Wyn Treasure of Southport Yacht Club (SYC) became aware that two doctors were seeking a sailing activity for a client with a disability, Cathy Post.  Dr David Straton told Cathy of a sailing dinghy which might help to realise her dream of overcoming her disability and sailing independently.  Doctors Straton and Sivyer of the Gold Coast Care for Children Fund had acquired an Access 2.3m dinghy and donated it to the Cerebral Palsy League.  ‘Accessability’ was chosen as the name for the donated dinghy.

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Bert Francis – Life Member (2018)

This photograph shows Bert Francis (one of our long-serving volunteers at SailabilityGC and a long-time skipper of our support boats) at the wheel of a tourist boat on Lake Lucerne in Switzerland.

Bert, together with his partner Lee, was visiting Switzerland a few years back when he decided to have a chat with the Captain of the tourist boat. Bert does love a chat and no more so than to chat about boats.

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InSYnC magazine Article

This article recently appeared in the current issue of the Southport yacht Club InSYnC Magazine.

This is the unedited version

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