Freedom on the water


Why do 60 or more of our SailabilityGC volunteers present themselves to SYC Hollywell each Tuesday for 48 weeks of the year for a day on the water with 80 or more clients?

Why do 30 or more volunteers present themselves again on Thursday each week of the year for more sailing, maintenance work or training?

People volunteer for a variety of reasons, with the main reason being that volunteers simply enjoy helping others.

Many volunteers also want to learn new skills and gain experience.

Volunteering can help people build confidence and self-esteem and help meet new people.

Volunteering can build resilience.

Some of our volunteers have given 20 years or more (in other words from the very genesis) to Sailability Gold Coast.  Meet one of them (Stan Phillips) here.

Sailability volunteers are members of a very special family, each a vital member of a special community.

Every volunteer at Sailability Gold Coast experiences a palpable pride, a camaraderie and a social connection and, as many of them are sailors with decades of experience, you will often find yourself having a chat over a tea or coffee – learning, sharing, teaching, giving and getting advice and, most often, having a good laugh together.

Sailability Gold Coast is made up of 100% volunteers.  Volunteers play a unique and valuable role in the services we provide. Their time, commitment, dedication, and skills are valued at Sailability.

Most clients and carers, who rely on the volunteers to be there every week to take them for a sail or a boat ride no doubt value the dedication and commitment of our volunteers.

If you are interested in finding out more or simply calling in and having a look for yourself, please email